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Criminal records, even for minor crimes, make reintegrating into society far more difficult. When people are released from jail or prison and are unable to find work and housing, they're far more likely to reoffend. Expungement should be an option in the vast majority of criminal cases. We prioritize advocating for policy changes that allow people who have been convicted of drug crimes and property crimes to expunge their records, and ensure voting rights for these people, regardless of whether or not their record is still in place.

We also support automatic expungement of criminal records, and voting rights for all citizens, regardless of whether or not they have criminal records or are currently incarcerated.

We also support the legalization of cannabis and moving away from criminalization as a response to drugs. However, cannabis legalization campaigns need to make repairing the damages of the War on Drugs a priority. We encourage all legalization and decriminalization campaigns to include language in their legislation that allows for expungement for all cannabis-related charges and convictions.

At Repair Now expands our services, we talk to reform campaigns and legislators about increasing access to expungement and other criminal justice reforms. We can't do this alone though. We need your help. We'll need legal professionals to draft language for legislation, employees doing outreach to campaigns, and a strong consensus in the drug policy reform community that we need to make justice a priority over profits. We also need to further explore the limitations of our organizational status, since we intend to register as a 501(c)3, and may need to form a 501(c)4 to influence legislation. If you want to support our policy outreach efforts, we ask that you give a donation today, or set up a recurring donation, allowing us to provide continuing services in the future.