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Jail-Based Voting

Around 25% of currently incarcerated people are eligible to vote in the United States (around 550,000 people). Most of these people (450,000) are held pre-trial in local jails (there are no direct restrictions on the voting rights of people awaiting trial). However, incarcerated people often don't have real access to the ballot. Myths about voting eligibility are widespread, information about how to register is often not provided, and absentee ballots are often not available.

Repair Now is working alongside a nation-wide coalition to resolve these concerns. We're registering voters in a handful of local jails in Ohio, and working on setting up the framework to do so in several other states. Meanwhile, we're talking to jail-based voter registration groups across the country about how they're going about protecting the rights of this population, and collaborating on resources and outreach to activate further programs of this type. If you're interested in learning more, especially if you'd like to engage in this sort of work, reach out to james (at) for more information.