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We have put hundreds of hours into making CanIexpunge a reality. Now we need your help. Donations help us expand services into more states, as well as to advertise our services to the communities that need them. As we build out our services, we'll be looking into new services that we can provide, including:

CanIvote: An online service that will let people who have been convicted of crimes know more about their voting status. The majority of people who have been convicted of crimes can vote, but many of them don't know that! We want to let people know if they can vote, but the laws vary state-to-state, like expungement laws, and we'll have to build this out for each state. Read more...

Direct Advocacy Work: People who are incarcerated or who have been marginalized by a criminal conviction often are silenced by their circumstances. Often, these people are subject to egregious human rights abuses and violations. We want to share these people's stories and advocate for improvements to our criminal justice system. Read more...

Policy Advocacy: Expungement isn't always an option. Sometimes expungement is costly, sometimes it is completely unavailable even for victimless crimes and petty crimes. We want to increase access to expungement. As our country legalizes cannabis, we need to make expungement of cannabis-related convictions a priority. Read more...

We want to keep all services offered by CanIexpunge completely free for people looking to find out if they can expunge their records or if they can vote. If you want to support our efforts, we ask that you give a donation today, or set up a recurring donation, allowing us to provide continuing services in the future.

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