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CanIvote is a project of the Rights Restoration Project that aims to let people with criminal records know if they are eligible to vote or not. Oftentimes, people with criminal records are incorrectly told that they can no longer vote. In most states, most people with criminal records can still vote, but few resources exist for people to find out if they can vote or not. In many states, non-governmental organizations are actively discouraged from providing information about the voting rights of people who have been convicted of crimes.

It is not just possible, but entirely likely that voter disenfranchisement of people with criminal records has changed the results of multiple elections. Up until 2018, in Florida nearly 1 in 4 black people can't vote. Nationally, more than 4.5 million people are disenfranchised from voting (link goes to report stating 6 million figure, which is out of date since Florida's Amendment 4, currently somewhere inbetween 4.5 and 6 million are actually disenfranchised). We suspect, from anecdotal evidence from family members and friends who believed they couldn't vote, and from reports from organizations that educate people on voting rights, that potentially tens of millions of people may believe they are ineligible to vote or are unsure if they are eligible to vote. According to the FBI, 73.5 million people in the US have a criminal record. That is more than one in three adults.

The first mission of CanIvote is to create and distribute literature, specifically posters, informing people about the voting eligibility of people with criminal records. We're basing our voting eligibility data off of datacompiled by Campaign Legal for their project, Restore Your Vote, where anybody in the US with a criminal record can check if they can vote.

We've worked to contact Secretaries of State and Attorneys General in various states to confirm data for each poster before creating and publishing posters. The posters that have been prepared and confirmed so far can be found in this Google Drive folder. Feel free to print or share these posters on social media. As of 3/19/2019 we have posters prepared for 29 states prepared. Currently, all posters are available as 13x19 pngs. Each file is quite large (400dpi) to avoid any blurring or stretching when printing. Contact us if you would like us to mail you a poster. Eligible organizations can get them for free, individuals and other organizations can get them in exchange for a donation covering printing and shipping costs.

If you would like to support this project, please Donate to our GoFundMe here.