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About us

Repair Now is a nonprofit, founded in 2017, that provides information about the rights of people with criminal records and criminal statuses. Repair Now is focused on providing information pertaining to expungement, records mitigation, and voting eligibility.

You can find our organizational report, which sums up what we've been up to for our first two years, here:

Organizational Report (2017-2019)

Repair Now was formerly known as Rights Restoration Project. Before that, when just getting started, we were known as CanIExpunge.


Check out our pages on why Expungement Makes Sense and Mass Incarceration.

My State Isn't Listed!

We are working on getting the application working for every state, but we need professional legal advisors to manage the data for each state's unique legal processes for expungement and other supported efforts. If you're a lawyer who wants to contribute, or know one who might, or want to donate towards getting one hired for your state, please contact us.

If you want to donate towards Repair Now expanding and adding services, check out our donation page.


For support, or other questions, contact James Gould at james (at)